Peace at last: Katy Perry & Taylor Swift’s cookie concord

Kevin Winter/AMA2011/Getty Images for AMAIs the beef finally, finally over?  Katy Perry and Taylor Swift seem to be cooking something up together...literally and figuratively.

Last year, Katy tried to patch things up with her frenemy Taylor by sending her an actual olive branch on the night of her Reputation tour opener. Now, Katy has posted a photo of a plate full of chocolate chip cookies, with the words "Peace at Last" written in icing on the plate. She captioned it "feels good @taylorswift" with an orange heart emoji. Under the name on the Insta post are the words "Let's be friends."

Predictably, fans are going crazy, not just at the news that the two are no longer feuding, but that the stars may actually be recording together. There is speculation that the two are working on a song called "Peace at Last" or "Let's Be Friends," while others are connecting the orange heart in Katy's post to an orange heart Taylor has previously used as a clue for a track on her new album.

There has been speculation that Taylor's new album will feature a number of collaborations. Perhaps a Katy/Taylor duet is one of them? Stay tuned.

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