Alessia Cara is learning to deal with Shawn Mendes’ screaming fans on tour: “Their energy is unbeatable”

Walt Disney Television/Paula LoboAfter opening for Shawn Mendes on the European dates for his global arena tour, Alessia Cara joins her fellow Canadian pal for his latest string of North American dates kicking off tonight in Portland, Oregon.  But Alessia says she's still kind of taken aback by how much screaming Shawn's fans do every night.

“It's not something you can really get used to, honestly, 'cause my fans are a little different,” she tells ABC Radio. “I've never experienced the screaming fans, because my fans are usually pretty chill or they like talk to me or tell me a story when I meet them.”

She adds, “It’s crazy, but I love it though. I think their energy is unbeatable.”

Alessia says the tour is like coming “full circle” for her and Shawn. Back in 2013, when Alessia was still in high school, Shawn put one of the cover songs she'd posted on YouTube on Twitter.

“I was getting all these notifications because he had tweeted out my cover and then I, you know, found out who he was and became a huge fan of his too, so we started, like, talking from then,” she explains. “So the fact that we're getting to tour now all these years later is really cool. Feels like full circle.”

Not only is it nice touring with a fellow Canadian, Alessia says it’s great having someone around her own age that she can talk to about career stuff.

“Yeah, we hang out all the time,” Alessia says of Shawn. “My best friend is with me and his best friend is with him [on tour] so it's really cool. We have like a cool little group of friends that are around our age, which is like the best thing when you're on tour.”

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