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by Holly O'Connor posted Aug 28 2014 7:17AM
It's been 4 years of marriage for me and my husband Chris! Here are 4 things I've has learned so far:

1. Men are not mind readers. No matter how many hints you think you've dropped about what you want for Christmas, or your birthday, or for dinner...he didn't get it. Just tell him for both your sakes!

2. Pick you battles. If something only kind of irritates you, let it go. (cue Elsa!) Because he's probably letting go of something that irritates him at this very moment. You are two imperfect people trying to work as one. Cut each other some slack. 

3. Be on each other's team. It's the two of you against the world! Sure, have game night and compete with each other. Give each other crap when the others' team loses. But in the end, have each other's back. My husband's best friend once tried to argue that Transformers was better than Harry Potter, and my husband backed my obsessed ass up in the end when it mattered most to me. That's love, kids. 

4. Marriage really is hard work. I didn't know what the meant when we first got married. I thought, what's hard about hanging out with your best friend all the time? It's like a never-ending slumber party! But then one of you goes through unemployment. Or depression. Or having a baby. And things get difficult...and that person isn't always your favorite person. The hard part is making the active decision to love that person even if you don't like them that much that particular day. That's hard. But it's worth it, and that's where you grow as a couple. Together.
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