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by TYLER posted May 22 2014 8:04AM

TODAY, I did my FIRST headphone karaoke EVER!  I have a new-found RESPECT for Miguel, Mandy, and Holly on The Miguel Show.  Singing LIVE on the air IS NOT EASY lol!

Memorial Day is THIS weekend so we decided to do songs regarding 'MURIKA.  I tried, Tried, and TRIED to do Born In The USA by Bruce Springsteen, but I COULDN'T.  That's a toughy lol...I decided to go with Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA. 

Now this song may not SEEM very patriotic, BUT if you actually know the song or have checked out the lyrics...this song is all about THE AMERICAN DREAM, and it doesn't get more American than that!  'MURIKA!  I love saying that!

I practiced this song for HOURS, and I thought I was ready.  By the time I walked into the studio...the feeling of what I was about to do FINALLY hit me.  I was a nervous wreck!  When I started singing I literally turned 50 Shades of RED and was shaking uncontrollably!  I was STILL shaking a good 30-45 minuted AFTER I was done.

The really FRUSTRATING part about it was nailing it time after time after time BEFORE I got to the the station and then as soon as the song started playing in my headphones going against EVERYTHING I had practiced!  I also messed up the line "Thats when the taxi man turned on the radio" line...UGH!!

Miguel, Mandy, and Holly do an AMAZING job at this EVERY Thursday and I HOPE you know, like I do now, that singing LIVE on the air is NOT an easy thing to do...ESPECIALLY if you can't sing worth a DAMN! 

by TYLER posted May 13 2014 10:34AM

OK, here's the thing...I have a thing for ROMANTIC COMEDIES.  Their...I said it!  Man-Card REVOKED!  I watched "That Awkward Moment" last night and LOVED IT...Yes, the movie with Zac Efron.  It was so REAL! 

The story is about a group of young bachelors early in there successful career's who are livin it up.  One is getting a divorce but the other two eventually fall in love.  Now, the girl that Zac starts to fall for is AMAZING!  I was literally falling for her myself during the movie.  She is probably every guys dream girl...NO LIE!

The embarassing part is that when something good is happening during the romance parts, I always find myself with a huge smile on my face!  It makes me incredibly happy because i tend to imagine MYSELF falling in love with someone who loves me back!  I usually try to shake it off so nobody notices but im constantly doing it throughout the movie lol.

I LOVE being single and I've been single for quite awhile...but i still think about falling for that special someone.  Kids on the otherhand...that's a different blog for a different day lol!

Be sure to check out "That Awkward Moment" it's an amzing movie...If your boyfriend is watching with you I promise he will like it, but he will probably lie about it!


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by TYLER posted May 12 2014 11:05AM

I have wanted a pet PIG since I was a kid.  They're just so damn cute.  I've heard them called mini pigs, micro pigs, teacup pigs, etc, etc!  I have done tons of research and have learned that they're smarter than dogs, can be potty trained, have hair like humans and don't shed, they're very loving and compassionate, they can live as long as 15+ years, AND you can teach them to walk a tight rope lol!

I've already named my future little piggy...Hamlet...Awesome right?!  I have finally got the money to do it and a place that will allow me to have one.  The problem is...IM ALWAYS WORKING!  I don't want to leave little Hamlet all by him/herself.  It's really making me think that at this time in my's just not a good time to move forward with this purchase. This makes me SAD!  But then again....I am REALLY good at making BAD decisions!

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by TYLER posted May 9 2014 9:11AM

This morning on The Miguel Show with Mandy and Holly, I was called OUT by Miguel!  He named THREE different occasions where he bought me food and I DIDN'T say THANK YOU!  Let me start by saying I WAS raised better than that!

Upon learning what I had done...I was pretty embarrassed...not gonna lie.  I pride myself on saying "Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am" "Yes Sir, No Sir" "Please" and "Thank You".  Miguel, along with Mandy and Holly, have been AWESOME since I joined the Island 106 team and to find out that I've been so RUDE is a TERRIBLE feeling! 

I would like to START by saying THANK YOU Miguel for everything that you have done for me since joining the team!  Buying me food, helping me around the station, showing me the ropes, and even helping me lock down the Afternoon job on Island 106!  Now I've got to make sure that I say thank you in order to avoid another embarassing situation ON AIR!

by TYLER posted May 7 2014 1:43PM

Yesterday a GUY called in and said he was DATING, and SLEEPING with, three different women.  He was NOT exclusive or married to any of the three and he wanted to know if that was OK?

In all honesty...

It's a pretty crappy thing to do, BUT because he wasn't CHEATING on anyone or being a HOME WRECKER...I think TECHNICALLY it's OK.  I said TECHNICALLY...that doesn't mean it's MORALLY right or even a good thing to do!

Just think about how many STD's are floating around out there...If HE or ANYONE of those women have's a safe bet that NOW they ALL do!  The same goes for all of those women as well...If any of them are sleeping with someone else on the side that has one...AGAIN it's a safe bet to think that NOW they ALL are sharing the same STD!

Someone once told me...If you are kissing or hooking up with someone...YOU have now KISSED or SLEPT with EVERYONE that person has EVER been with!  Think about THAT the next time you wonder if it's OK!

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by TYLER posted May 5 2014 10:02AM

A couple weeks ago I did my FIRST edition of TURN ON or TURN OFF...the subject was GUYS with LONG HAIR.  The ladies STRONGLY suggested that guys with long hair is a TURN OFF! 

I'm means I have to get my haircut to impress the ladies!  I HATE getting my hair cut.  When it happens I always get it cut REALLY short and let it grow out all surfer like.  Honestly its more like a mixture between a surfer and a mullet...DON'T JUDGE ME MONKEY! (Grandma's Boy reference) 

My hair is starting to get out of control and with the heat and humidity rising it's ONLY gonna get WORSE!  The curls are UNCONTROLLABLE!  

SO, I have decided that sometime between NEXT Wednesday and Friday I WILL be getting my haircut!  Prey for me peeps! 

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by TYLER posted May 2 2014 11:09AM
How much do you need that cuppa joe in the morning?  A lot, apparently.  A new survey reveals that one in five women would rather go without sex than coffee, while one in three would give up Facebook for coffee.  Meanwhile, 28 percent would forego booze and a quarter would give up chocolate in favor of getting their caffeine fix. 

This can only lead me to ONE conclusion...YOU are sleeping with the WRONG person! 

I rarely drink coffee ONLY because I don't want to become an addict like so many others out there. 

The fact that ANYONE would give up SEX is a crime against humanity...unless you're physically unable in which case sorry! 

Only 2 species IN THE WORLD have sex for pleasure, (Dolphins are the other) and to give that up is a BAD thing.  Just think about all the furry creatures out there that DON'T know what they're missing out on.  I feel like this would be more common among women than men but either way...NOT COOL!  GET FREAKY PEOPLE!!
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