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by Miguel Fuller posted Jun 26 2013 6:16AM came out with a list of things that ONLY happen in Florida. We decided to take the list more local. From your posts on Facebook and Twitter, here's the list of things that ONLY happen in Panama City!

Natalie Anderson Only in Panama City can you see a buff man on a corner hula hooping!

Jennifer Biddick one word for ya : TOOTIE!

Jamie Martin Only in Panama City/Beach can you walk into a retail store, destroy it (because they are on vacation and don't care), and walk out without a care in the world.

Sheri Williams Pilgrim People climbing on the balconies of the condos

Lisa Ann Nixon Coram's!

Jonathon Moore Wal-Mart on Backbeach...."Club Wal Mart"

Amber Ecker Strassberger Only in Panama City can you walk around a store with no shirt, no shoes and not be asked to leave.

Holly Allain Where cruising the strip is actually an attraction in itself.

Katie Hunley People driving their golf carts down 23rd street in weekday lunch traffic...smh...

Holly N Crafton People in the motorized chairs go through fast food drive thru lanes.

Alicia Luchsinger Only in Panama City can you be craving a Tom's Hot Dog or A giant chocolate covered cinnamon roll from Dandy Donuts and buy both within minutes of each other for lunch! Yummmm

Amber Ecker Strassberger We can't go a week without hearing of a meth lab bust.

Tc McGlinchey Brew-thrus like the one near 79 and front beach

Aaron Thomas Rich Taking your riding lawn mower through the liquor store drive through...This week.

Magan Cochran The only place where bar closes at 4am and a few hours later.

Christine L Morgan 3am Wal-Mart run and meet all the other servers, dancers and staff from other beach restaurants and bars and then picking up shifts

Lisa King-Roderick Only place I have ever been that shopping in just a bikini (no shoes) is acceptable.

Amber N. Boutelle Panama City, the only place that has a Facebook letting you know you're actually not addicted to roxies.

Shaun N Alicia Meehan Bicyclists riding on the road with traffic, not in the bicycle lanes

Meagan Brewer Homeless guys that walking across the street and peeing at the same time.

Andrea Marais Instead of a church on every corner, there's a bingo hall on every corner!!

Christine L Morgan pick up fresh shrimp from a truck on the side of the road and he calls you by name (or that was the way it was when I lived there 13yrs ago) and he always added more when you bring him a cold drink.
by Holly OConnor posted Jun 25 2013 7:57AM
What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You On A Date!

Butter Pecan: You’re a little old fashioned and maybe a little conservative. You’re a hard worker who is detail-oriented at work and in your social life. (And very respectful to your date.) So while you are kind of conservative, you also are a decadent person. Sure, you can be all business. But when you’re ready to unwind, you unwind with the best of them.

Chocolate: Chocolate is for kids at heart. You know how kids say the darndest things? Well, you say the darndest things. And since you get bored easily and don’t have a filter, you will tell people you are bored. Or that you don’t like them. Or that you aren’t having fun on your date. At least you’re honest. And when you do find someone, you’ll be really happy. You’re also really creative and talented, though, and very enthusiastic.

Neapolitan: Make up your mind! You have a trouble making decisions. You’re also kind of immature and like people to baby you.

Chocolate Chip: You’re all about fun. You’re into sports and like to compete. You laugh a lot and are really generous. Total extrovert — you’re the life of the party. But you are also pretty classic.

Double Chocolate Chunk: You share many characteristics with the chocolate chip lovers, but you’re way more extreme. You do whatever you want and just don’t give a damn. You’re like the chocolate chip lover… on crack.

Mint Chocolate Chip: You’re smart and kind of quiet. Your tastes are refined. And you are stubborn.

Rocky Road: You’re the boss of everyone and are used to people doing what you say.

Strawberry: You’re young at heart and very thoughtful. You don’t jump into unknown situations and love tradition. You’re committed in your relationships, although it takes you a long time to get to that point because you are kind of shy.

Vanilla: You my friend, are not vanilla. You are daring and experiment with a lot of new things, taking high risks and setting huge goals for yourself. You are sure of yourself and don’t fall for trends just because they’re trends. And you’re stubborn. 10,000,000 people could jump off a bridge and try to convince you to stop liking vanilla ice cream and you won’t do it.

Coffee: You’re lively, passionate, and pretty impulsive. You start things all the time and don’t finish them because you get bored easily and sometimes have a hard time focusing. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: You are really indulgent and party your ass off. You do what you feel like doing basically all the time, regardless of what your work schedule is or what other people think. You plan stuff for your friends and get them psyched to follow your lead. Your philosophy is, “Why not?” And you’ll try anything once. Or twice, depending on how drunk you were the first time.
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by Mandy Williamson posted Jun 13 2013 10:59PM

Allow me to introduce you to my 5 year old son Aiden who for some odd reason has taken a liking to my Victoria’s Secret Magazines.  

It started out as “I really like your Magazine Mommy” to asking and running to the mail box every day to see if I’ve gotten another one in the mail. 

Not only that but if I do actually have one in the mail then he runs to his room, shuts the door and just hangs out studying over each page of the very HOT and attractive models. 

I honestly have so many questions as to why, should I be worried, is it really that big of a deal, will he grow out of it and is this normal?  I have no idea what the answer is to any of these but as long as he keeps telling me that I could be in the VS magazines then I’m totally fine with it.

If you have any advice or thoughts on my sons new addiction please feel free to comment or email me at

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by Miguel Fuller posted Jun 12 2013 9:17PM

Since I’ve been back in Panama City, I’ve discovered new places to eat HAMBURGERS! They are my favorite food of ALL time.

They are selling this particular burger in Canada. I WISH someone in Panama City would sell these! 

A Wendy's in Brandon, in southern Manitoba, is selling a burger you're REALLY going to want to try. It's called the T-Rex and it features NINE Wendy's square hamburger patties and nine pieces of cheese.  It costs about $21.50 in American dollars.  There apparently aren't any plans to sell this at other Wendy's locations, so it's Manitoba or bust.

by Holly O'Connor posted Jun 12 2013 7:16PM

Ladies, we can do better. We are, after all, the fairer sex. I often like to think of us as the brains of the operation in any given situation. But I have a hard time defending the collective "us" when we cannot seem to carry out one simple task: flushing the toilet in public restrooms.

I mean, we've all been there. In an airport, a movie theater, or at a restaurant, we stride purposefully into an open stall only to find that the women who used it previously didn't do the one thing that's asked of human beings in order for indoor plumbing to be effective: flush.

We wonder: did that woman have a mental meltdown between doing her business and leaving the stall? Was she perhaps abducted by aliens before she got the chance to perform the simple action? It's times like this you wish real life was like an episode of CSI and you could get into her mindset as she heinously committed this crime.

And it's not like this is a rare occurrence! I don't know about you, but I see this chicanery more than half the time I'm in a public restroom. It's mind boggling, really, to imagine the thousands of women who go about their daily lives neglecting this basic human courtesy.

In any case, I've (sadly) spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the disconnect is for these women. The only logical conclusion I've managed is that this restroom travesty is the result of complete ignorance on the workings of the modern toilet. Let me explain.

Most people's homes are equipped with the standard toilet that has a small flush handle on the tank. I believe it's safe to assume that most people can carry over the knowledge of how to flush that type of toilet into the public arena and get the job done. It's those tricky automatic-flush toilets that are causing the problem.

You see, the automatic-flush toilet is faulty technology. In a perfect world, the toilet would flush every time a woman stood up after using it and that would be the end of it. But ladies, you know damn well we are not living in a perfect world. The automatic-flush toilet might as well be a cute parlor trick for the amount of time it actually works the way it's supposed to. In fact, I think toddlers have a higher success rate of performing on command than an automatic-flush toilet does.

Since that is the case, ladies, WE must pick up the slack for the shortcomings of the automatic-flush toilet. I know, I know- ANOTHER area of life where you need to pick up the slack? Sounds like a bunch of poo, and it really is. But it must be done to ensure a clean and gag-free restroom that we can all use safely.

"But Holly, it's a fancy spaceship! If the automatic-flush toilet doesn't flush after I use it, there's no way to MAKE it flush!"

You are wrong, madam. Dead. Wrong.

On every model of every automatic-flush toilet I've ever seen in my life, there is a manual flush button hidden somewhere. (Why did the manufacturers hide it in plain sight? That I don't know. Maybe it was a bunch of men who wanted to trick women into leaving bathrooms a mess.) Anyway, depending on the model, it may be a small black button on the front or a shiny silver button on the left-hand side. Somehow, somewhere, a button exists as a failsafe. It is your job as the smart and educated woman you are to find this button and press it if the toilet isn't doing its job. Because if you don't, you are simply leaving your excrement to simmer in wait for the next unsuspecting lady to walk in and find it. I speak for all women when I say DON'T DO THAT SH*T.

So there you have it. I refuse to believe that women aren't self-sufficient enough to flush their own toilets, even in the face of technological adversity. Maybe no one ever told you about the manual flush button and you didn't have the means to look for it yourself. Well now you know. And we all know that when you know better, you do better. So here's to doo-dooing better in the years to come!

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