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by Andrew Hodges posted Apr 24 2015 10:48AM
Who were you in a past life? Wanna Know?

There's a new website called the "Reincarnation Machine" that helps you figure out who you might've been in a past life. You enter your birthday . . . and it finds a prominent person who died right before you were born.

I did mine and as it turns out I was FAMOUS ya'll......and a man!!! See the Resemblance? LOL

Bill Haley

William John Clifton Haley (/ˈheɪliː/; July 6, 1925 – February 9, 1981) — known as Bill Haley — was an American rock and roll musician. He is credited by many with first popularizing this form of music in the early 1950s with his group Bill Haley & His Comets (inspired by Halley's Comet) and million selling hits such as "Rock Around the Clock", "See You Later, Alligator", "Shake, Rattle and Roll", "Skinny Minnie", and "Razzle Dazzle". He has sold over 25 million records worldwide.

Now your turn. Click here to see who you were!!

You're welcome~ Mandy
by Marc Summers posted Apr 20 2015 7:32AM
My whole life has been a lie!!! Well...not really, but I recently found out that something I have been told my whole life is not true. Maybe I'm on my own here, but most everyone I know thinks the same as I do on this myth. Shaving (mainly your face for guys) makes the hair grow back thicker and darker.

Growing up I always wanted to have a super awesome beard, so I was told by people that the more you shave the thicker your beard will grow in and the darker it will get. So, what do you think I did..I kept shaving in hopes to grow a super awesome beard! And it really hasn't worked out all that great and I can go about a week after shaving and still look like I only have a 5 o'clock shadow.

I was talking to a friend recently and they asked why I shaved my beard off (I don't completely shave my face very often, maybe once every few months) so I told them that I shaved because it'll make the beard grow in thicker the more I shave. That was followed by a condescending giggle by said friend, so I asked why that was funny. The response changed my life...she said that I was dumb for thinking that myth was actually true!! So, I did some research and she was right! You can shave every single day and it won't make your beard look any better. I found countless articles (like 3 or 4) that said this, and I know what you're thinking...just because it's on the internet that doesn't mean its true. Trust me, I wanted this to be a lie so I didn't feel so gullible for believing this my whole life!

I found an article that has some other myths that people believe to be true about your health and body. Am I alone here?? I cant be the only person who has been thinking this my whole life..or maybe I am and you can keep laughing at me while you're reading this.

- Producer Jimmy
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by Andrew Hodges posted Apr 14 2015 9:46AM
A new survey found the top "first world problems" that stress us out. Once you read this you'll be like YEP.....I did that and that!!!!!! If you have any you'd like to add please do. Lets keep the list going.

Check 'em out . . .

1. Not being able to fall asleep.

2. Misplacing your keys.

3. A traffic jam when you're already late.

4. Losing an important document.

5. Not being able to find a parking spot.

6. The printer not working when you really need to print something.

7. Your phone battery dying while you're out.

8. Discovering you're out of toilet paper while you're sitting on the toilet.

9. Dealing with automated customer service instead of a real person.

10. Trying to pay for something and realizing you forgot your credit card.

I'd like to add getting out of the shower and realizing you don't have a clean towel. You yell for one but there's no answer so you make a mad dash for the towel closet where the beach towels are.....wet and all. Good stuff right there.

Your turn.....GO!!!

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by TYLER posted Apr 7 2015 7:31PM

Their was some very interesting facts in this including where the name "bikini" came from AND the difference between the buttons on men's and women's shirts...

If you're ever in a worthless trivia competion...this vid should help lol!

by Marc Summers posted Mar 30 2015 4:38PM
I recently underwent complete ACL reconstruction on my left knee, and this was the first major surgery that I've had.
Here are some of the things I learned. 

(Actually, this is more of a sarcastically toned rant about my how my weekend went.)
*Now also keep in mind that I am 6'4" and 230 lbs so some of these things may be easier for people that are a little smaller than me*
Brushing My Teeth: Me being so tall, I have to bend down a good ways to get my face close to the sink and when you are on pain meds trying to balance while brushing your teeth can be a task in itself. So basically I just made a giant mess in the sink with toothpaste remains all over the place. My roommate is probably not too thrilled about sharing a bathroom after that.
Using The Bathroom (Going Number 1): Not going to go into great detail about this but again, me being pretty tall and only having one leg to stand on and trying to balance while on pain meds and not fall over can lead to some messes while trying to use the lavatory. My roommate is probably hating me at this point.
Shower: This one is the most difficult of all and if I could give you advice it is to just deal with the stink and not shower!! It is not worth the struggle just to smell like Old Spice for a day. When I say that it took me 20 minutes to try and figure out how to fit in the shower that is not a joke. I am too tall to take a bath and stick my leg out of the water, too tall to sit on a 'shower stool' ( my leg would not fit in the tub) so I ended up basically doing some sort of ninja yoga movement to get my body into the tub and stand up on one leg and lean against the wall, exhausted, and let the water hit me for 5 minutes. Here's the kicker! I didn't smell any better after the shower because I started sweating when I put my clothes back on! Which leads me to my next struggle...
Getting Changed: This almost made me become a nudist, after all of that work of taking a shower (and not being able to completely dry off without falling over and taking down every towel rack within arms reach) I now have the struggle of attempting to put on underwear and clothes on while sitting down and keeping one leg straight and not being able to move it. So after roughly 10 attempts of trying to lasso my toes with the leg hole of my underwear, I got it! I acted like I won the lottery, but I realized the battle was not over yet, so I stayed determined. After I secured the undergarment I then did the same with shorts and then stood up and that's when I realized something...I was even sweatier now than I was before I had taken the shower!
Riding In A Vehicle: Again this goes back to me being tall. The only way for me to ride in a vehicle is to sit long ways in the back seat with my leg up on resting on the seats. And it has to be in a large SUV or truck. This also makes it difficult to use a seatbelt and it not choke you. Every little tiny pot hole in the road feels like someone is high-fiving my knee with a metal chair.
So with all of that being said this has been an interesting experience, and I have had to use a lot of patience (which is not an easy thing for me) and learned to rely on others for a lot of help, also not easy. If you have amazing people close to you it makes everything a little easier and I have been fortunate to have that. The road to recovery is going to be a long and painful process but I am ready for the challenge! 
- Producer Jimmy
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by Marc Summers posted Mar 25 2015 1:27PM
What in the world could possibly make over 40 million people fill out a stupid bracket that ends up looking like a 5-year-old scribbled all over an excel spreadsheet with a crayon? Two words for you, March Madness. Some people call this month the greatest month in sports, all because of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament aka "March Madness".

Here's a very quick rundown on what the tournament is.
The top 68 teams selected to play in the tournament. It is a single-elimination tournament. (This means you lose once and you're out)
Teams are placed in four different "regions" and you are ranked in each region based on how well you played in the regular season.
So, with that being said you have all of these college athletes that are 19, 20, 21-years-old and they are in the national spotlight every single game during March. They know that every game could be their last of their life! When you have that kind of pressure you have the potential for lots of unexpected results and wild and crazy finishes to games. Every single year there are huge upsets and amazing stories that develop during the tournament whether it be a father coaching his son and his son hits the game winning shot and they celebrate together on the court. Then you have the other side, where a team who is heavily favored chokes and loses in their first game and the entire fan base goes into hiding for the foreseeable future.

That is a look into one side of March lets look at the other side.
I'm sure you know at least a handful of people whether it be at your work, gym, school, wherever, that filled out one or maybe even multiple brackets. Hey, maybe you even filled a few out this year because your office had a bracket contest to try and win some cash. Well here's the only problem with 40 million people filling out brackets and everyone wanting to say that they are the best and smartest; every morning turns into "Hey Carl, so guess how many upsets I had picked last night??" And the answer is always the same "NO, I don't care who you picked and you probably didn't watch a minute of any of the games either!" But instead you say "Sure Rick! Lets hear all about your awesome bracket!". There is nothing worse than the "I'm going to brag about my bracket guy" this time of year. So, if you see THAT guy just be ready for what is about to happen and arm yourself with a stapler just in never know if you'll need to use it.
Those are the two sides of the true madness that is "March Madness" and I personally love this time of year because of the amount of drama that happens every single game. *And everyone turns into experts on how to beat a full-court press or how to run a 2-3 zone properly*
You never know which team is going to be the "Cinderella" team each year, and that is the beauty of it!
Oh! And not to be THAT guy, because I'm totally not like that......I have Wisconsin winning it all this year just in case you were wondering!
- Producer Jimmy
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by Andrew Hodges posted Mar 24 2015 10:41AM
YESSSSSSSSSS FINALLY!!!!!!  Have you been wondering when its okay to say "Happy Birthday" on Facebook?  I personally hate bdays on facebook because its so impersonal but in the event you want to wish someone Happy Birthday here's the breakdown. 

Birthday Etiquette tips for Facebook(BTW you're welcome)

A writer for "Time" magazine posted a list of birthday etiquette tips.  It's basically a list of people in your life, and how you should wish them happy birthday.  Check it out . . .



1.  Your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.  You should wish them a happy birthday in person, AT midnight.  She specifically says to stay up until midnight so you're the first person to do it . . . which seems like overkill.  The morning is fine too.



2.  A brother or sister.  You should STILL wait up until midnight, and then call or text them.  Apparently this woman thinks everyone stays up until midnight all the time?



3.  Close friends and family members.  Say happy birthday over the phone, not on Facebook.  Which is probably fair.  You shouldn't just post "Happy birthday" on your mom's Facebook page and not call her.



4.  Friends you've made in the past five years.  You can get away with just a text message.  But you still shouldn't JUST say happy birthday on Facebook.



5.  People you ONLY talk to on Facebook.  It's the only time it's okay to say happy birthday on Facebook and not send a text message too.  (Which I just don't agree with.  That's too many birthday texts.) 

by Andrew Hodges posted Feb 12 2015 9:43AM
I read this awesome article on The Daily Hitt about the difference between hot and beautiful that was really interesting.  

In fact back in the day I used to always wonder what the actual difference was between the two.  I would always find myself a little bit jealous when my guy friends always commented on how hot certin girls were and all i'd ever get was beautiful(Not complaining but back in high school every girl wanted to be call hot for some reason not realizing what the word BEAUTIFUL actually ment)  

If you're like me and would like a little clarity On the term HOT vs Beautiful then be prepaired for your mind to be set free(I don't know what that means just felt like saying that lol).



Women are stunning creatures, with assets and traits both unique and enchanting to each one of us, and it’s time we started showcasing our individuality and stop giving in to the illusion of sexy created by man. Because beauty isn’t about wanting to f*ck her; it’s about wanting to be with her.

Hot is admired from afar; beauty is to be held.

Hot is perception; beauty is appreciation.

Hot is smokey-eyed; beautiful is bare-faced.

Hot is an appearance; beautiful is more than skin deep.

Hot is the way she moans; beautiful is the way she speaks.

Hot is a strong appeal; beautiful is strong mind.

Hot is youthful; beautiful is ageless.

Hot is conventional; beauty is unique.

Hot is a one-night stand; beautiful is sleepless nights.

Hot is a state of being; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Hot is devious; beautiful is innocent.

Hot is bending her over; beautiful is baking her blueberry pancakes.

Hot is sultry; beautiful is wholesome.

Hot is her curves; beauty is her nerves.

Hot is a text message; beautiful is a love letter.

Hot is a facade; beautiful is a woman.

Read the rest of the article here
by TYLER posted Jan 28 2015 2:38PM
O M G!  This has got to be the best promposal in the history of the prom.  This guy lives in Enterprise, Alabama and I am really hoping Selena Gomez gets the chance to attach her eye balls to this video.  Unfortunately, I think he is too late to get the answer hes looking for.  Zedd is digging his trenches as we speak.

by TYLER posted Jan 26 2015 2:04PM
Carl's Jr/Hardees has done it again with another racy commercial prompting the hashtag #WomenAreMoreThanMeat.  The commercial was set to air on the west coast ONLY during the Big Game on Sunday but even THAT isn't set in stone yet.  The commercial could be fully banned by the time the Big Game gets here!
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