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by Holly O'Connor posted Oct 6 2014 1:43PM

41-year-old Lisa Palmer is recently divorced and looking to become a cougar! The only problem? She felt her lady parts couldn't compete with the younger ladies. So she came up with this "vajacial" to beautify and tighten things up down there!

Mix in a plastic bowl:

  • One teaspoon of coconut oil (kills bacteria and moisturizes skin)
  • One teaspoon of vitamin E cream (conditions skin and prevents signs of aging)
  • One teaspoon of honey (contains antioxidants to slow aging)
  • One egg white (tightens and improves texture of skin)

Heat the mix in a microwave for 20 seconds and then apply to the vulva following a vaginal steam.

Leave in place for 15 minutes and remove mix using rose water.

Lisa suggests performing the facial every day for seven days to begin with and then once a week with a combination of pelvic floor exercises!

Would you try this??

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by TYLER posted Sep 19 2014 2:34PM
Going on a first date can be awesome...or it can be hell.  Here are The Top Things You Don't Want to Hear on a First Date.



1) . . . And that's when I realized that white supremacy was for me.



2) Trust me, you're gonna want to wear a condom when you hit this.



3) Hi, I'm in the NFL.



4) I don't believe in creation OR evolution.  I think we're all just characters in one of Kanye West's dreams.



5) Do you speak Klingon, too?



6) I wouldn't necessarily call myself a TV star, but I WAS on an episode of "Cops".



7) I gotta take this call.  It's my wife.



8) My water broke.



9) Thanks to all the electro-shock therapy, I no longer hear screams at night.



10) Before we order the appetizers, I should tell you, I'm required by the state to disclose a couple things about my past.



11) This movie is so unrealistic.  Believe me, that's NOT what happens when you bury a corpse in the middle of the woods.



12) Sorry I couldn't take you to that other restaurant.  Turns out, it's entirely staffed by women I'm stalking.



13) No matter what happens, I KNOW I'm getting lucky tonight.  Because I just slipped myself a roofie.



14) In the trunk.  NOW!



15) Dad?



16) You're a 38D?  So am I!



17) I hope this leads to a second date . . . because I've never had one.



18) And THAT is when I got REALLY into necrophilia.

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by Holly O'Connor posted Sep 18 2014 1:40PM
The internet is in love with this video of a dad who surprises his little girl by shaving his beard off. Everyone's all, "OMG look at how upset she is! How adorable!" 

Meanwhile, I'm thinking that girl is scarred for LIFE! Why would you want to trick a toddler? They have no sense of, "Oh hey, daddy pranked me! He got me good!" I think it's just plain mean. 

What do you think? Am I being too sensitive? 

CLICK HERE to see the video.
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by Andrew Hodges posted Sep 16 2014 9:19AM

Boyz II Men Return with ‘Collide’ Album: Hear New Song ‘Losing Sleep’

The 13 year old in me is flipping out!!!!  I loved Boyz II Men back in the day and have always wanted them to release another Album.  

Well the day has come and here it is.   I may be overreacting on this because I love them so much but this New Song is Amazing.

I freaking Love it!!!!   Here's the write up Billboard did on them and take a listen for your self.....

Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men will return this fall with a new album,'Collice' that represents a left turn in the group’s 23-year career — specifically, the album includes zero ballads.

Listen to the silky-smooth new track “Losing Sleep” from the album, premiering exclusively at   Click here  to listen

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by Andrew Hodges posted Sep 4 2014 8:41AM

I have been saying this for most of my life.....well at least since I turned 20 and to this day I hate being called Cute or Adorable!!!   Maybe you can relate to this article like I did.   Numbers 1,4,5,7,8,12,14,15,17 & 21 unfourtinately have all happened to me in the last 12 years of my life.  Do you feel the same?
 Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 6.05.57 PM
Why Having A Baby Face Is The Worst Thing Ever!!!!!

Take me seriously, please. I can’t help it that I look like this.

1. “You look so cute!”
PLEASE TELL ME I’M SEXY. The pink princess dress I had when I was five was cute. This isn’t cute–I’m borderline naked.

2. “Kids’ menu or regular menu?”
I totally appreciate the options, because all I really want is macaroni and cheese, but I don’t appreciate the fact that I apparently look like I am among the group of “children who are 12 and under.”

3. “Are you comfortable sitting in the exit row?”
Completely, I’m a natural born hero. This isn’t bad, but then the stewardess usually stands there for an uncomfortable amount of time, obviously attempting to appropriately phrase her next question: “Just checking…how old are you?” Older than 15, thanks.

4. “Are you 21?”
Yeah, that’s what my ID rightfully says. I especially love holding up the line while you look down at my license and back up at me a couple million times. Keep it coming.

5. “Would you like a wine list?”
Yes! Oh, kidding–you were asking my parents. Bring on the lemonade with a lid and a straw.

6. “Are your parents home?”
Like, no. Well, maybe. I don’t know. They live five hours away.

7. “So, I’m guessing you’re the youngest.”
How did I know you would guess me? It’s like I have ESPN or something.

8. “You look so grown up!”
That’s funny. I’ve never seen a grownup pat another grownup’s head. Pinch my cheek one more time–I dare you.

9. “What high school do you go to?”
I think the correct word here is “did.”

10. “Would you like a lollipop, sweetie?”
I’m fighting every urge to say yes right now just to prove a point.

11. “This picture is from high school?!”
Yes, I know you can’t tell them apart from my middle school pictures.

12. “Maybe you should just push up your boobs a little bit more.”
Maybe that will detract attention from my face and I’ll be able to get into the club…

13. “Is your mom coming to get you soon?”
Believe it or not, I actually drove myself here. Legally.

14. “Do you want to go out with me?”
This would actually be exciting if he wasn’t either 15 or 45.

15. “Wait, I thought you were so innocent!”
I’m glad you’ve finally realized I’m the spawn of Satan with chubby cheeks.

16. “You’re wearing so much makeup!
So, does that mean I look like a 5-year-old playing dress-up or a cheap hooker? Please say hooker.

17. “You have to either be 17 or have a parent here to see this movie.”
Please don’t make me sit through another sex scene with my mom just because I forgot my ID.

18. “Isn’t it past your curfew?”
What? Does anyone have a curfew after high school? Oh, you think I’m in high school. I get it.

19. “Don’t you think you’re a little young?”
It’s strange how this literally applies to anything.

20. “I have two adult tickets and one child ticket.” 
This is a pretty common phrase for a night out with my age-appropriate friends. But on another note, this is a total score.

21. “You’re going to be thankful you look so young when you get older.”
Actually, yeah, this is true. Thanks, Mom.

Click here for article
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by Holly O'Connor posted Aug 28 2014 7:17AM
It's been 4 years of marriage for me and my husband Chris! Here are 4 things I've has learned so far:

1. Men are not mind readers. No matter how many hints you think you've dropped about what you want for Christmas, or your birthday, or for dinner...he didn't get it. Just tell him for both your sakes!

2. Pick you battles. If something only kind of irritates you, let it go. (cue Elsa!) Because he's probably letting go of something that irritates him at this very moment. You are two imperfect people trying to work as one. Cut each other some slack. 

3. Be on each other's team. It's the two of you against the world! Sure, have game night and compete with each other. Give each other crap when the others' team loses. But in the end, have each other's back. My husband's best friend once tried to argue that Transformers was better than Harry Potter, and my husband backed my obsessed ass up in the end when it mattered most to me. That's love, kids. 

4. Marriage really is hard work. I didn't know what the meant when we first got married. I thought, what's hard about hanging out with your best friend all the time? It's like a never-ending slumber party! But then one of you goes through unemployment. Or depression. Or having a baby. And things get difficult...and that person isn't always your favorite person. The hard part is making the active decision to love that person even if you don't like them that much that particular day. That's hard. But it's worth it, and that's where you grow as a couple. Together.
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by Andrew Hodges posted Jul 29 2014 7:06AM
Jessies J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande have been teasing this big collaboration for a minute now, and now the full version of the single "Bang Bang" has been released.   

Get ready to hear the best new summer jam.   Here it here and on Island 106 

Photo: So excited for you to hear Bang Bang! Pre-order the new single with me Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj here:
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by Holly O'Connor posted Jul 23 2014 8:27AM
Usually when you think about haggling over prices, you think of sitting at a car dealership. That's one great place to do it, but there are tons of other things you can haggle over; you just have to know how to do it! Here's a list:

1.  Satellite and cable TV service.  You can get deals on premium packages like NFL Sunday Ticket, and you can also get equipment fees waived.  Sometimes they'll also let you in on unadvertised promotions.

2.  Real estate commissions.  Realtors are under pressure from online companies that help you sell your house on your own.  You can usually get them to come down a percentage point or so.  Especially if you agree to buy your new house with them too.

3.  Healthcare.  Providers hate doing the insurance paperwork.  Sometimes they'll cut you a deal if you pay cash.

4.  Jewelry.  The retail markup on jewelry is usually 100% to 300%.  They can afford to give BIG discounts.

5.  College tuition.  If you send more than one child to the same school, you can sometimes get a volume discount.

6.  Furniture.  At the very least, you should get them to give you free delivery.  Sometimes you can get a lower price too.

7.  Musical instruments.  The chain stores don't do it quite as much.  But local stores will almost always come down for you.

8.  Gym memberships.  There's a lot of competition, and terms are different from one member to the next.  So you can often get them to do a special deal for you.

9.  Cruise tickets.  Wait until the last minute and score big on whatever still isn't booked.

10.  Credit card rates.  People with good credit get so many offers, it's easy to play the companies against each other.

11.  Mattresses.  Except for Tempur-Pedic, most brands have huge retail markups.

12.  Tires.  Shop around and ask your store to beat the best price.  And ask to get the stems, mounting, balancing, and other extras for free.

13.  Rent.  Especially if you're renewing a lease and you start negotiating a few months in advance, you can get a much better deal than just waiting for that letter in the mail.

14.  Back taxes.  You can make a settlement deal under the right circumstances.  Basically, you have to make the IRS believe they'll never get the full amount back.  So it's only for people who are already a few years delinquent. 

Check out more at Business Insider.

by TYLER posted Jul 18 2014 12:40PM
Putting together a bucket list is kind of a sad exercise . . . it makes you realize all the stuff you WON'T ever really do, and makes you think about your own mortality.  But looking at OTHER people's bucket lists?  Why not!  Let's do it.



A new survey asked people to name their top bucket list items.  Here's the top 10 . . .



1.  Have a vacation home abroad.


2.  Learn a new language.


3.  Go on an exotic island vacation.


4.  Buy a house.


5.  Swim with dolphins.


6.  Drive Route 66.


7.  Ride in a hot air balloon.


8.  Visit the great pyramids.


9.  Go to Vegas.


10.  Visit Venice, Italy.



A few others that made the top 40 are learning an instrument . . . writing a novel . . . changing careers . . . getting a tattoo . . . owning a fancy watch . . . running a marathon . . . and bungee jumping.



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by Holly O'Connor posted Jul 15 2014 9:05AM

We all want people to like us. But there are little body language tricks to use that help your game! Next time you're meeting your significant other's family, or going on an interview, try these cheats:

The Flooding Smile

Don't flash an immediate smile when you greet someone. If you do, it appears as if anyone in your line of sight would receive that same smile.

Instead, pause and look at the other person's face for a second, and then let a big, warm, responsive smile flood over your face and overflow into your eyes.

Even though the delay is less than a second, it will convince people your smile is sincere and personalized for them. A slower smile can add more richness and depth to how people perceive you.

Sticky Eyes

Pretend your eyes are glued to your conversation partner's with sticky warm taffy. Even after they've finished speaking, don't break eye contact. When you must look away, do it ever so slowly, reluctantly, stretching the gooey taffy until the tiny string finally breaks.

You can also try counting your conversation partner's blinks. In a case study, subjects reported significantly higher feelings of respect and fondness for their colleagues who used this technique.

Epoxy Eyes

In a group of people, you should occasionally look at the person you are interested in, no matter who else is talking. If your attention is drawn to that person even when they are simply listening, you show that you are extremely interested in his or her reactions.

Be warned — using full Epoxy Eyes can be a bit overwhelming to the subject and could leave them feeling uncomfortable. You should primarily watch the speaker, but allow your glance to bounce to your target when the speaker finishes interesting points.

The Big-Baby Pivot

People are very conscious of how you react to them. When you meet someone new, turn your body fully toward them and give them the same, undivided attention you would give a baby. Pivoting 100% toward the new person shouts, 'I think you are very, very special.'

Limit The Fidget

If you want to appear credible, try not to move too much when your conversation really matters. Do not fidget, twitch, wiggle, squirm, or scratch. Frequent hand motions near your face can give your listener the feeling that you're lying or anxious. Instead, simply fix a constant gaze on the listener and show them that you're fully concentrated on the matter at hand.

Hang By Your Teeth

This visualization trick will help you look more confident with your posture. To do this, visualize a leather bit hanging from the frame of every door you walk through. Pretend that you are taking a bite on the dental grip, and let it sweep your cheeks into a smile and lift you up.

Your head will be held high, shoulders back, torso out of your hips, and feet weightless.

This trick also works because of the frequency people walk through doorways. If you visualize anything often enough, it becomes a habit. Habitual good posture is the first mark of a big winner.

Hello, Old Friend

When you first meet someone, imagine they're your old friend. This will cause a lot of subconscious reactions in your body, from the softening of your eyebrows to the positioning of your toes.

An added benefit to this technique is that when you act as though you like someone, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy — you might really start to like them. What it boils down to is love begets love, like begets like, respect begets respect.

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