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Hey, I’m Adam! I grew up in Harrisburg, PA with my 3 younger brothers. I got into radio when I was 17 and I have stuck with it ever since. Even though I did get fired twice. After work I like hanging out with friends…err I would if I had any, and watching Netflix. I’d love to meet you and as many listeners as possible out at a bar, or an event someday!

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I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Before I made Florida my new home, I lived in England where I became a Jedi Master, or at least I earned my masters degree in radio production. My hobbies include: binge-watching TV shows especially crime documentaries, hanging out with my dog Sealey, and staying active. One thing about myself I wish I could change is my food allergies. It is almost easier to list all of the things I can eat instead of the stuff that is off limits. Thankfully, I am not allergic to dogs or cats because I love food, but I love animals more. I am grateful that somehow I landed in Panama City and got the opportunity to wake up Bay County with Adam on Island 106.

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