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What Your Drink Order Says About You

by Holly O'Connor posted Oct 7 2013 7:50AM

A good first-date first-impression is almost as important as a strong first-date-cocktail, so here's some professional advice on what your drink says about you!

Red Wine- ordering a glass of red wine screams seduction. However, it's best to leave out the swirl-and-sniff routine because it could look like you're showing off.

White Wine- This is the more feminine wine choice, but ordering "house wine" will make you seem cheap- no matter what your gender is.

Martini- Ordering a martini may look sophisticated in movies, but it makes you look like an alcoholic on a first date.

Bay Breeze- Fruity drinks like this one scream, "I just discovered my parents' liquor cabinet." It's all sugary juice, hardly any alcohol, and a surefire hangover.

Manhattan- Ordering a Manhattan shows that you want to get drunk, and you want to get drunk quickly.

Beer- Guys loves a girl who can enjoy a cold beer, and some find it even more attractive when someone experiments with a different type of beer.

Anything On The Rocks- It's only okay to order hard alcohol on the rocks if you have the personality and look to back it up. On a first date, it's best to leave this one to the cast of "Mad Men."

Ok. So, What Is The Perfect First-Date Drink?

One veteran bartender recommends a Stoli Rasberry and club with a splash of cranberry juice. That way, you get some flavor, and it still looks like a nice drink.

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10/07/2013 7:51AM
What Your Drink Order Says About You
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