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by Andrew Hodges posted Jul 20 2015 7:58AM
Kyleigh underwent what we thought was going to be her 4th and last open heart surgery on Friday! Everything went well except finding out she will have to undergo yet another surgery. Its such sad news to hear but hopefully good things are coming. #TeamKyleigh

On Friday Kyleigh's mom said

"they completed her open heart surgery where we thought it would go one of two ways..either the bivent repair or the Fontan repair. Either way Kyleigh would have probably been done with all her surgeries. Once we sat down with her surgeon and he explained what he did in the operating room, all our plans changed. He explained that he did not feel that Kyleigh was quite ready for the bi vent repair; however, he believes that Kyleigh could still have a fully functioning two ventricle heart if we gave it just a little more time, so he did not do the Fontan either. Kyleigh still has thickening that keeps growing back in her left ventricle. They are not sure why, or how to really stop it. His fear is that if he did the repair that it could grow back, and eventually put Kyleigh in heart failure. Instead, he went inside and scraped the lining of her ventricle out so it can absorb more blood, and added a shunt, along with redirecting her Glenn pathway. All in all the hopes are that it will grow a bit more, and the pressures in her heart will lower, making her repair more of a success in the long run. He requested that once Kyleigh is discharged, that we come back to Boston in 6 months for another cath procedure so he can check out what is going on, and then 6 months after that we will come back once again for another cath, and what will be her 5th open heart surgery."

Please keep them in your Prayers for they still have a long road ahead of them. If you want to keep up with Kyleigh's story fallow her on FB. Just click here!
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