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I'm a ginger with a soul (Day-walker), but I have the ability to steal yours if you look me in the eye. I love the sun but hate wearing sunblock. The summertime sun is too bright to open my eyes without proper ginger eye protection.

I love Crown, Hunch Punch, and blacking out. My go to karaoke jam is Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot but does cause serious ear-gasm's.

Tune in, sit back, and relax as I whisper sweet nothings out of your radio!

Here are a few more details in case you're curious:
-Favorite Movie: Half Baked, How High, Grandma's Boy
-Favorite Face Stuffing: Pizza
-Coolest Place I've Ever Been: Brazil/Netherlands
-Favorite Spot On The Beach: Behind Schooners
-Celebrity Crush: Scarlett Johansson
-Man Crush: Miguel Fuller
-Highest Honor: Employee of the Month at Chippendales

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