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To The Class Of 2014

by Miguel Fuller posted Jun 4 2014 8:57AM

Let me tell you a little story.

There was a little boy named Miguel. He had the biggest smile any one had ever seen on a child. As the years ticked by, there seemed to be a slight problem. Miguel stuttered. Horribly. He soon learned little tricks to relax his breathing and calmly speak in full sentences.

NEVER. Give. Up….EVER!

Fast forward to third grade, Miguel can’t read. He is so behind in his schooling. His Mother is afraid he will be kept back a grade. With a tutor, Miguel keeps moving forward and within a year, has discovered a love of reading.

NEVER. Give. Up….EVER!

Miguel finally arrives to middle school. He knows exactly what he wants to do…be an anchor on the morning tv announcements for the school. The first six months were humiliating for Miguel. He could barely get through one script. But he kept practicing and he got better…much better!

NEVER. Give. Up….EVER!

Miguel makes it to the big leagues…high school! He has his eye on the prize…student council president. Freshmen year he runs, he loses. Sophomore year he runs, he loses. Junior year he runs, he loses. Every single year, Miguel sees no progress of winning the office he so desperately wants. Should he run his senior year? Of course. Why stop now. Miguel runs and wins the office of Senior Class President.

NEVER. Give. Up….EVER!

Okay, so now that I have just told you my life story…in third person, I want you to walk away with this one fact about life.

NEVER. Give. Up….EVER!

You are about to embark on the most fun, yet challenging years of your life. Your college classes will be difficult, trying to figure out new friendships and relationships will be difficult. But do not give up. Do not run and hide behind your parents. Do not go to those familiar comfort zones. Those days are over. You have got to rise up and start living life for yourself. You only have ONE life. Make sure that every day, every moment is used to help you get to your ultimate goal in life. No matter what that is.

The first time you find yourself in a difficult situation that you just want to run from, remember little frightened Miguel who could barely read but fought his way to be able to host his own radio morning show.


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06/04/2014 8:57AM
To The Class Of 2014
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