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Things That ONLY Happen In Panama City

by Miguel Fuller posted Jun 26 2013 6:16AM came out with a list of things that ONLY happen in Florida. We decided to take the list more local. From your posts on Facebook and Twitter, here's the list of things that ONLY happen in Panama City!

Natalie Anderson Only in Panama City can you see a buff man on a corner hula hooping!

Jennifer Biddick one word for ya : TOOTIE!

Jamie Martin Only in Panama City/Beach can you walk into a retail store, destroy it (because they are on vacation and don't care), and walk out without a care in the world.

Sheri Williams Pilgrim People climbing on the balconies of the condos

Lisa Ann Nixon Coram's!

Jonathon Moore Wal-Mart on Backbeach...."Club Wal Mart"

Amber Ecker Strassberger Only in Panama City can you walk around a store with no shirt, no shoes and not be asked to leave.

Holly Allain Where cruising the strip is actually an attraction in itself.

Katie Hunley People driving their golf carts down 23rd street in weekday lunch traffic...smh...

Holly N Crafton People in the motorized chairs go through fast food drive thru lanes.

Alicia Luchsinger Only in Panama City can you be craving a Tom's Hot Dog or A giant chocolate covered cinnamon roll from Dandy Donuts and buy both within minutes of each other for lunch! Yummmm

Amber Ecker Strassberger We can't go a week without hearing of a meth lab bust.

Tc McGlinchey Brew-thrus like the one near 79 and front beach

Aaron Thomas Rich Taking your riding lawn mower through the liquor store drive through...This week.

Magan Cochran The only place where bar closes at 4am and a few hours later.

Christine L Morgan 3am Wal-Mart run and meet all the other servers, dancers and staff from other beach restaurants and bars and then picking up shifts

Lisa King-Roderick Only place I have ever been that shopping in just a bikini (no shoes) is acceptable.

Amber N. Boutelle Panama City, the only place that has a Facebook letting you know you're actually not addicted to roxies.

Shaun N Alicia Meehan Bicyclists riding on the road with traffic, not in the bicycle lanes

Meagan Brewer Homeless guys that walking across the street and peeing at the same time.

Andrea Marais Instead of a church on every corner, there's a bingo hall on every corner!!

Christine L Morgan pick up fresh shrimp from a truck on the side of the road and he calls you by name (or that was the way it was when I lived there 13yrs ago) and he always added more when you bring him a cold drink.
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06/26/2013 6:26AM
Things That ONLY Happen In Panama City
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06/26/2013 7:58AM
lana lou
on spring break, when idiots get arrested they put them in stacked up dog cages until they are processed
06/26/2013 9:30AM
Woman in tshirt and gstring walgreens cove lol..looking for morning after pill
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