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by TYLER posted May 7 2014 1:43PM

Yesterday a GUY called in and said he was DATING, and SLEEPING with, three different women.  He was NOT exclusive or married to any of the three and he wanted to know if that was OK?

In all honesty...

It's a pretty crappy thing to do, BUT because he wasn't CHEATING on anyone or being a HOME WRECKER...I think TECHNICALLY it's OK.  I said TECHNICALLY...that doesn't mean it's MORALLY right or even a good thing to do!

Just think about how many STD's are floating around out there...If HE or ANYONE of those women have's a safe bet that NOW they ALL do!  The same goes for all of those women as well...If any of them are sleeping with someone else on the side that has one...AGAIN it's a safe bet to think that NOW they ALL are sharing the same STD!

Someone once told me...If you are kissing or hooking up with someone...YOU have now KISSED or SLEPT with EVERYONE that person has EVER been with!  Think about THAT the next time you wonder if it's OK!

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05/07/2014 1:57PM
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