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Six Unwritten Rules of Life That Everyone Should Follow

by Miguel Fuller posted Oct 25 2013 9:34AM
Six unwritten rules in life that everyone SHOULD follow . . . but nobody does.

1.  If you finish the coffee, make more.

2.  If a car stops for you to cross the street, hustle a little. (This makes me SOOOO angry when people take their time!)

3.  Don't ask people how much they paid for things.  It makes them uncomfortable, and it's a boring conversation anyway.

4.  Wipe down equipment at the gym when you're done.

5.  Never ask a pregnant woman when she's due, touch her belly without asking, or say, "You're huge!"

6.  If someone looks bad in a photo, don't tag them on Facebook. (I use to be guilty of this because I thought it was FUNNY. When it was done to me...I felt like a fool.)

Anything you would add?

10/25/2013 9:34AM
Six Unwritten Rules of Life That Everyone Should Follow
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