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Secret Sexual Fantasies

by Holly O'Connor posted Jun 5 2014 9:18AM

Got a secret sexual fantasy? You're not alone. But maybe you're a little nervous to share it with your partner. Check the list to see if you're on par with others, then go ahead and get a little crazy!

(P.S. #6 is using a sex toy? Girl, go check out CK Secrets & Condom Knowledge!!)

1.  Having a threesome.  Almost 50% of people say they'd consider it.


2.  Dressing up in a uniform, like a cop or a nurse.


3.  Doing it outdoors.


4.  Making a video.


5.  Dominating someone or BEING dominated.


6.  Using a sex toy while you get-it-on.


7.  Doing it somewhere you might get caught, like an elevator.


8.  Bondage.


9.  Having a same-sex encounter.


10.  Being watched, or watching someone ELSE get-it-on. 


06/05/2014 9:18AM
Secret Sexual Fantasies
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01/04/2015 9:09PM
definitely a older woman who would meet all my needs, tug me off before I sleep, shower me, smack me if I am naughty, sex, oral, and I'd do what she wanted to. And more too but much dirtier haha
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