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Merry Christmas...Already?

by Holly O'Connor posted Nov 16 2013 9:11AM
The blog you're about to read was written almost exactly 7 years ago (November 13, 2006.) I wrote it in response to all the negativity surrounding the "Christmas Creep" (which is what I just now decided to start calling the earlier push into the Christmas season.) This blog was written before my Facebook timeline was full of people crabbing about Christmas popping up into November and even October (actually, it was written before Facebook, period.) But my feelings haven't changed, and I thought it would help bring a new and different perspective to the Christmas Creep. Enjoy!

Ok. I know I'm not the only person to notice that Christmas seems to be arriving earlier and earlier as the years go by. I mean, it's not even Thanksgiving and already you see malls decked out in their holiday finest, Santa arriving for photo ops (sashay, shantay!) and Christmas music on area radio stations.

Some might say this jump start into the holiday season is a ploy to squeeze more money from the general public. But you know what? I say NAY! The reason we're wading through a sea of red and green isn't because of dollars and cents. It's because....

We want to.

Think about it. Christmastime is typically the "most wonderful time of the year." It's a time of forgiveness, honesty, love, and peace. I don't know about you, but those sound like pretty decent qualities to me. Especially in this time of economic craziness, chaos and confusion.

Although you might hear some (updated editor's note: MOST) bemoaning the fact that Christmas is creeping up earlier than usual, my guess is that, deep down, a good amount of people are ok with it. And why shouldn't they be? Why not welcome a hot tasty mug of good cheer (and perhaps wassail?) Personally, when I hear the familiar notes of a favorite Christmas Carol, my spirit lifts immediately. Carols, along with holiday recipes and traditions, are familiar and comforting. In an age of sleek technology combined with minimal human interaction, those creature comforts are craved and embraced.

So I say, why NOT try to extend that warm fuzzy feeling the holidays bring? Rather than stress over holiday shopping, think of it as an opportunity to bring joy to someone else. Instead of melting down at the thought of cleaning the house and cooking for 15 people, think of it as a way to preserve tradition and strengthen family ties.

It's not so bad, this premature step into Christmas. Embrace the great feelings that come along with this time of year! And if you are still prone to groaning at the mere thought of jingle bells, might I recommend an oldie but goodie...Charles Dickens' Christmas Carollaugh

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11/16/2013 9:11AM
Merry Christmas...Already?
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