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Meat In Panama City

by Miguel Fuller posted Jun 12 2013 9:17PM

Since I’ve been back in Panama City, I’ve discovered new places to eat HAMBURGERS! They are my favorite food of ALL time.

They are selling this particular burger in Canada. I WISH someone in Panama City would sell these! 

A Wendy's in Brandon, in southern Manitoba, is selling a burger you're REALLY going to want to try. It's called the T-Rex and it features NINE Wendy's square hamburger patties and nine pieces of cheese.  It costs about $21.50 in American dollars.  There apparently aren't any plans to sell this at other Wendy's locations, so it's Manitoba or bust.

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06/13/2013 8:20PM
Meat In Panama City
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06/13/2013 8:40PM
I want one!!!
08/20/2013 10:25AM
Miss Carol Topping
I am from and live in NY - 40 minutes north of NYC to be exact. I heard about Island 106 from a friend that lives in Panama City and the Miguel show quickly became my favorite. I love you guys! You are so much more fun than anything I have heard here in NY. Thank you for the southern sunshine you send my way! Keep up the amazing work! All my love!
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