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by TYLER posted May 20 2015 1:47PM

The Spring Break scramble continues to make waves as the Bay County Commission and the Panama City Beach Commission continue to vote on new ordinances to try and put a cap on the craziness during the months of March and April. The only problem is...they're punishing locals more than tourists!

Yesterday a NEW ordinance went into place that will stop persons "under 21 from staying in, or entering, after midnight a restaurant or bar that has a license to serve alcohol for consumption on premises."

Essentially turning Applebee's into Club La Vela. This will put serious stress on businesses and the Bay County Commision knows it. Businesses like Schooners and Hammerhead Fred's, who believe their establishment is made up mostly of families, will be challenging the ruling by any means necessary.

This won't affect everyone...yet. The Panama City Beach Commission has yet to vote on this but has been urged by Bay County to follow.

The ONLY thing they got right was an exemption that would allow all active military personel to stick around. After all, it would be pretty messed up to say they can die for our country but not get wings at Hooter's after midnight.

My question to does this HELP us locally? This isn't just during the months of March and April. This will be year round. Also, how does this help control the crazies during Spring Break?

The Commission claims it isn't making knee jerk reactions but they obviously have NO CLUE what to do to fix the problem.

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