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Is Facebook Spying On You?

by Holly O'Connor posted Jun 6 2014 8:49AM
Could Facebook be listening in on your private conversations? 

Yes and no.

The update to their mobile app allows your phone's microphone to pick up background noise and post status updates according to what you're listening to or watching. The big question is, is Facebook collecting and storing your information? What will happen to all this info?

What does Facebook say? "Facebook is storing the information from this feature indefinitely," Facebook writes in the blog post, explaining, “If we find a match and you don’t post, we log that a particular song or TV show was matched, but we don’t connect this with your profile in any way. We use this to keep a chart of the most watched and listened to songs and TV shows.”

So the information is stored indefinitely, it’s just not associated with your profile.

CLICK HERE to read more about this Facebook update!
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06/06/2014 8:49AM
Is Facebook Spying On You?
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