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by TYLER posted Jan 28 2015 2:38PM
O M G! This has got to be the best promposal in the history of the prom. This guy lives in Enterprise, Alabama and I am really hoping Selena Gomez gets the chance to attach her eye balls to this video. Unfortunately, I think he is too late to get the answer hes looking for. Zedd is digging his trenches as we speak.

by TYLER posted Jan 26 2015 2:04PM
Carl's Jr/Hardees has done it again with another racy commercial prompting the hashtag #WomenAreMoreThanMeat. The commercial was set to air on the west coast ONLY during the Big Game on Sunday but even THAT isn't set in stone yet. The commercial could be fully banned by the time the Big Game gets here!
by TYLER posted Jan 5 2015 12:36PM

On Sunday, January 4th, 2015 Stuart Scott lossed a seven year battle with cancer and died at the age of 49. He was one, if not the best anchors on ESPN's show "Sportscenter".

To me he was something else entirely. He was inspiration. When I started my journey into broadcasting I had no intention of joining the music side of radio. I wanted to talk sports. Many people played a part in my molding. Dan Patrick, Scott van Pelt, Howard Stern, and the late Scott. All of them either work or worked with ESPN except Stern.
Watching "Sportscenter" from the time I was a kid until now I've seen many come and go, but one figure never changed and that was Scott.

If you don't know who I am talking about do me a favor. Watch this video of Scott giving a speech at the ESPY awards. I guarantee that your eyes will start to water.

Earlier today ESPN released a "Best of Stuart Scott" video that shows all the various commercials he was in. I cried after watching it AND the ESPY speech above.

Scott was a pioneer in the world of sports television. He had a style unlike any in the business and was briliant at coming up with punch lines. He will be greatly missed by his coworkers, fans, athletes in different sports that he'd talk about, and hell even the President of the United States!

Stuart Scott was a famous man, but now...he's a legend. RIP...BOO-YAH!