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Holly grew up in Cleveland, OH. She began her career in radio at WCKY, a country station in Findlay, OH (south of Toledo) in 2004. After several years she moved to Panama City's Island 106 to embark on a new life adventure. That's where Holly teamed up with Steve Kramer and Miguel Fuller to become the "That Guy" Kramer Morning Show.

In 2011 the show got a call to move up to "The Big Leagues" and took a wonderful job in Tampa. Unfortunately, that station just didn't do what it needed to and flipped to Sports Talk, leaving them jobless (RIP, Play 98.7!)

However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Holly is now back in Panama City (her husband's hometown!) creating radio magic with Miguel Fuller and Mandy Williamson! Holly is also a new mom, and discovering the joys of parenthood every day!

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