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by Andrew Hodges posted May 21 2015 9:08AM

If you're grilling for Memorial Day, here's a trick to tell whether your steak is rare, medium, or medium-well . . . by comparing it to different parts of your FACE. I'm down.....I may look silly but I'm totally down to try it lol

1. If you like it rare. Then pushing on it with your finger should feel like pushing on the soft part of your cheek.

2. If you like it medium. It should feel like the top of your chin.

3. If you like it medium-well. It should feel harder, like your forehead.

It doesn't say what to compare it to if you like your steak REALLY well-done. I'm not sure what part of your face is harder than your forehead . . . maybe your TEETH?

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by Andrew Hodges posted May 14 2015 12:19PM

According to a personal trainer, here are five exercises you should stop doing . . . because you'll just end up hurting yourself. Please believe I'll let my trainer know this just incase he missed it lol.

1. Don't use the leg curl machine. It puts too much pressure on your knees, and can also hurt your lower back. You're better off just doing squats.

2. Stop doing box jumps. That's the one where you hop on top of a wooden box, and back down. Most people get hurt jumping OFF the box, because landing puts a lot of stress on your knees, feet, ankles, and lower back.

3. Don't run on a flat treadmill. It's not a great workout, because the momentum pulls your feet forward. But you can also end up running faster than your body's used to, which is hard on your knees. So set the incline at 2% to simulate flat ground.

4. Don't wear a weightlifting belt. You don't need one unless you're doing major, Olympic-style powerlifting. Plus your back and core don't get as good of a workout. Instead, just flex your abs to activate your core during things like squats and deadlifts.

5. Don't do overhead kettlebell swings. You can still use kettlebells, just don't swing them any higher than chest level, or you can hurt your neck and lower back.

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