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by Andrew Hodges posted Jan 19 2015 6:19AM

American Sniper was expected to do well but not this well: The Clint Eastwood-directed war film took in an estimated $90.2 million—and broke a few records.

The movie set a new record for a January opening by taking in $30.5 million on Friday. So you can see why one would want to go see the movie that's breaking records left and right.

Bradley Cooper did an amazing job and should honestly win every award he's been nominated for but there's one issue I had with this movie and thats the
creepy ass robot baby they used in one of the senes.

(Small Spoiler alert) It was the sene that Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, were having a conversation about his desire to go back to active duty while they each take turns holding their new born baby.

I had no freaking clue what they were talking about because I got so distracted by the baby, which is obviously mechanical.

When you first see it, Sienna Miller's holding the baby and "nursing," and the baby's hand that is more prominent moves a few times. It totally looks artificial and immediately drew my eye to it.

As a result, the entire rest of the scene, that's all I could look at. It's so obvious, and neither one of them looks like they are comfortable holding it.

The weight's all wrong, and it shows from the way they have to try to liven it up with their own body language. Bradley Cooper looks like he's never held a baby before.

I was cracking up the whole time, in fact the whole theatre was as well. As big as this movie is they could of at least got a real baby for the dang sene.

Take a look and see for yourself.

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