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5 Ways Social Media Ruins Relationships

by J D posted Feb 5 2014 12:22PM

A new survey had people rank the ways Facebook, Twitter, and the rest can DESTROY a new relationship.  Here are the top five....

1.It's too easy to find out when the other person lied to you about where they were going or what they were doing.


2.When you're first dating someone, you can go through their old posts and interactions and see if they used the same lines and moves on someone else.


3.You initially like someone because you're compatible with their PROFILE.....but it turns out not to represent who they really are.


4.The other person is TOO obsessed with social media, and focuses on it more than they focus on you.


5.Seeing endless photos of your friends on vacations and at parties with their significant others makes you feel like your relationship is boring. 

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02/05/2014 12:27PM
5 Ways Social Media Ruins Relationships
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02/06/2014 7:58PM
cutest couple contest
my friend is in your cutest couple contest I voted for them and there rating didn't change, but I voted a 1 star for someone else and there rating went down a .1 point. I don't understand how this contest is working,
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