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5 Reasons It's Great To Be Single On Halloween!

by J D posted Oct 28 2013 12:56PM

Halloween is this week and if you're single you might be thinking about skipping Halloween this year. Silly mistake! I've listed the 5 reasons Halloween is just as good for single people!

1.  No Couples Costumes.  When you're single on Halloween, you get to dress up however you want.  No lame couples costumes, you can dress up as Ironman or whatever you want and nobody can tell you no!

2.  Ladies Get to Be Sexy.  Ladies, Halloween is the one night a year you can dress up as sexy as you want.  You can basically go out dressed in your underwear, and no one will bat an eye.  So skank it up if that's your thing!

3.  Guys Can Enjoy the Eye Candy.  And guys, since you're not attached, there's nothing wrong with ogling all those sexy women...just don't be a creeper about it.


4.  Spending Time with Your Friends.  You can spend time with your friends whenever you want, but something about Halloween makes it better.  No one specific is the center of at a birthday party...and there's just less drama.  It's basically an excuse to have a crazy time, but it also makes you feel like a kid again!


5.  You Can Hook Up. Maybe it's the costumes, but there just seems to be a better chance you'll get lucky with someone at Halloween party!

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10/28/2013 12:56PM
5 Reasons It's Great To Be Single On Halloween!
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