Meghan Trainor debuts music video for Kaskade collab, “With You”

Epic RecordsMeghan Trainor tries out some new looks in the music video for her collaboration with Kaskade, “With You.”

In the clip, she wears a series of outfits and headpieces bedazzled in jewels and pearls as she sings at the camera. Shots of a blinged-out Meghan are cut with shots of the singer in a plain black body suit, performing choreography against a black backdrop.

On the upbeat dance track, Meghan sings about being fed up with wasting her time on a relationship that’s not giving her anything in return.

“So stop, stop saying that you're mine/I'ma need a better reason to be spending all my time with you/You leave me, I'll be fine/I'ma need a better reason to be wasting my time with you,” she sings on the chorus.

Kaskade previously called Meghan’s voice “infectious” and Meghan said it was a “dream come true” to work with the electronic music legend.

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