Weekend Cashpoints Promo

It’s a Cashpoints bonus code weekend!

Are you an Island Insider trying to get that big Cashpoints payout? But you’re not quite there? This weekend, Island 106 is going to fix that! It’s a Cashpoints bonus code weekend, so getting the points you need for a $250 instant cash payout will be a cinch.

Listen Friday night from 6 to midnight, Saturday from 9 to 9, and Sunday noon to midnight. We’ll have Cashpoint codes at the top of each hour, plus bonus codes on Facebook!

Your Cashpoints will add up fast, and you’ll be locked in for a big…instant…cash… Payout…whenever you need it! Cashpoints is powered by Innovations Federal Credit Union, member NCUA… When you need money, the only thing easier than Cashpoints, is a loan from Innovations, (quick) equal opportunity lender! We’re paying you to listen…. It’s a Cashpoints bonus code weekend…!


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