My FIRST Headphone Karaoke

TODAY, I did my FIRST headphone karaoke EVER!  I have a new-found RESPECT for Miguel, Mandy, and Holly on The Miguel Show.  Singing LIVE on the air IS NOT EASY lol!

Memorial Day is THIS weekend so we decided to do songs regarding ‘MURIKA.  I tried, Tried, and TRIED to do Born In The USA by Bruce Springsteen, but I COULDN’T.  That’s a toughy lol…I decided to go with Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA. 

Now this song may not SEEM very patriotic, BUT if you actually know the song or have checked out the lyrics…this song is all about THE AMERICAN DREAM, and it doesn’t get more American than that!  ‘MURIKA!  I love saying that!

I practiced this song for HOURS, and I thought I was ready.  By the time I walked into the studio…the feeling of what I was about to do FINALLY hit me.  I was a nervous wreck!  When I started singing I literally turned 50 Shades of RED and was shaking uncontrollably!  I was STILL shaking a good 30-45 minuted AFTER I was done.

The really FRUSTRATING part about it was nailing it time after time after time BEFORE I got to the the station and then as soon as the song started playing in my headphones going against EVERYTHING I had practiced!  I also messed up the line “Thats when the taxi man turned on the radio” line…UGH!!

Miguel, Mandy, and Holly do an AMAZING job at this EVERY Thursday and I HOPE you know, like I do now, that singing LIVE on the air is NOT an easy thing to do…ESPECIALLY if you can’t sing worth a DAMN!