OK, here’s the thing…I have a thing for ROMANTIC COMEDIES.  Their…I said it!  Man-Card REVOKED!  I watched “That Awkward Moment” last night and LOVED IT…Yes, the movie with Zac Efron.  It was so REAL!

The story is about a group of young bachelors early in there successful career’s who are livin it up.  One is getting a divorce but the other two eventually fall in love.  Now, the girl that Zac starts to fall for is AMAZING!  I was literally falling for her myself during the movie.  She is probably every guys dream girl…NO LIE!

The embarassing part is that when something good is happening during the romance parts, I always find myself with a huge smile on my face!  It makes me incredibly happy because i tend to imagine MYSELF falling in love with someone who loves me back!  I usually try to shake it off so nobody notices but im constantly doing it throughout the movie lol.

I LOVE being single and I’ve been single for quite awhile…but i still think about falling for that special someone.  Kids on the otherhand…that’s a different blog for a different day lol!

Be sure to check out “That Awkward Moment” it’s an amzing movie…If your boyfriend is watching with you I promise he will like it, but he will probably lie about it!