I have wanted a pet PIG since I was a kid.  They’re just so damn cute.  I’ve heard them called mini pigs, micro pigs, teacup pigs, etc, etc!  I have done tons of research and have learned that they’re smarter than dogs, can be potty trained, have hair like humans and don’t shed, they’re very loving and compassionate, they can live as long as 15+ years, AND you can teach them to walk a tight rope lol!

I’ve already named my future little piggy…Hamlet…Awesome right?!  I have finally got the money to do it and a place that will allow me to have one.  The problem is…IM ALWAYS WORKING!  I don’t want to leave little Hamlet all by him/herself.  It’s really making me think that at this time in my life…it’s just not a good time to move forward with this purchase. This makes me SAD!  But then again….I am REALLY good at making BAD decisions!