Please and THANK YOU!

This morning on The Miguel Show with Mandy and Holly, I was called OUT by Miguel!  He named THREE different occasions where he bought me food and I DIDN’T say THANK YOU!  Let me start by saying I WAS raised better than that!

Upon learning what I had done…I was pretty embarrassed…not gonna lie.  I pride myself on saying “Yes Ma’am, No Ma’am” “Yes Sir, No Sir” “Please” and “Thank You”.  Miguel, along with Mandy and Holly, have been AWESOME since I joined the Island 106 team and to find out that I’ve been so RUDE is a TERRIBLE feeling!

I would like to START by saying THANK YOU Miguel for everything that you have done for me since joining the team!  Buying me food, helping me around the station, showing me the ropes, and even helping me lock down the Afternoon job on Island 106!  Now I’ve got to make sure that I say thank you in order to avoid another embarassing situation ON AIR!