How much do you need that cuppa joe in the morning?  A lot, apparently.  A new survey reveals that one in five women would rather go without sex than coffee, while one in three would give up Facebook for coffee.  Meanwhile, 28 percent would forego booze and a quarter would give up chocolate in favor of getting their caffeine fix. 

This can only lead me to ONE conclusion…YOU are sleeping with the WRONG person!

I rarely drink coffee ONLY because I don’t want to become an addict like so many others out there.

The fact that ANYONE would give up SEX is a crime against humanity…unless you’re physically unable in which case sorry!

Only 2 species IN THE WORLD have sex for pleasure, (Dolphins are the other) and to give that up is a BAD thing.  Just think about all the furry creatures out there that DON’T know what they’re missing out on.  I feel like this would be more common among women than men but either way…NOT COOL!  GET FREAKY PEOPLE!!