Christmas Letter. . . Keeping It Real

My dearest Friends and Family Members I must say 2013 is a year that will go down as one of the most interesting years in the Williamson House hold…..

Aiden is A Victoria’s secret loving man.  Most of his year was spent waiting by the mail box waiting for those secret little magazines and hording them all in his room under the bunk bed.  Even though he’s only 5, I can already see trouble in the times to come but at least I’ve got some time before we have to start worrying about him actually hiding in Victoria’s secret closet.

Then there’s sweet little drama queen Bella who had quite the challenging year.   Puberty IS DEFINITELY ON THE HORIZON.  Girl is a big ball of emotions.  We’ve seen Big smiles, Huge Tears, sweaty Hands and tons of anxiety……I mean I can’t even make a comment on how HOT Tom Brady is on the TV  without her thinking I’m packing everyone up and moving in with the guy.  #Ifsheonlyknew.  She’s also grown up so much this year and is turning into a beautiful lady before our eyes.

Now for smooth talker of the Family, Mr. Eric Williamson never seems to surprise us on the daily.  He works very hard to bring home the bank for all of us and continues to teach our kids such wonderful Sayings like “I rocked a duce” or asking our son questions like “did you look up any girls skirts today”.  Without him our lives would be boring.

Which leads me to myself, In 2013 I’ve managed to get my two best friends back and actually work on the same show as them but with that came 15 unwanted pounds that took me 4 months to get off.  Working with a man that loves to eat and a pregnant woman doesn’t really help with the lbs. Then there was the moment when I realized I was a mom WHILE standing in the middle of a bunch of parents on a parents cheerleading team and the fact that every time I did a jump I would pee on myself a little bit.    Why it’s taken me 10 years to realize that I don’t know.  I did somehow manage to end the year with a bang.  My boob job!!!  They’ve been cut, stuffed and sewed up.  2014 is definitely looking up.