I Forgot To Wash My Hands

For the first time in my 32 years of life I’ve finally experienced a Spray Tan- and I must say, it was quite pleasant……Except for the fact that I forgot to wash my hands afterwards.

Now I’ve got to walk around all weekend with Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompa looking hands.

If you’re contemplating the spray tan this Fall or Winter, here’s the top 10 spray tan rules EVERYONE should know before getting one. 

1. Don’t be afraid to try a spray tan.

2. Ask around for a salon recommendation. I went even further before getting my first spray tan and asked for recommendations from people who had similar skin colouring to me.

3. If the spray tan is for a special occasion like a wedding then make sure you do a test run at least a month out to make sure you’re happy with the colour.

4. If you’re getting a spray tan for a certain occasion, book in 48 hours before that event (it takes this long for the colour to fully develop).

5. Exfoliate and shave 24 hours before your spray tan appointment. Don’t use any moisturiser.

6. Do not do the “eagle” (brown body, white head).  So that the colour on your face blends seamlessly with that on the rest of your body, ask your spray tanner to do a light spray over your face then adjust your foundation to suit. Bronzer also helps to blend face and body.

7. Head to your spray tan prepared with loose, dark clothing to put on afterwards. An Australian company has cleverly come up with a dress specifically for this task.

8. With some salon spray tans on the market these days you can shower four hours after its application. Despite this, I find mine has better staying power if I leave on overnight.

9. Moisturise EVERY day after a spray tan. I like to use a gradual tanner here as it will prolong the tan and make it less patchy when it fades.

10. Before tanning again, exfoliate or use a Tan Go cloth or Vani-T Tan Eraser to get rid of any residual colour. Think of them like Enjo gloves but for your body, not your kitchen sink!