10 Things New Moms Miss Most About A Baby Free Life

A new survey reveals that more than two-thirds of new moms aren’t prepared for how stressful it is to have a baby. And not surprisingly, 41 percent describe the first six weks after giving birth as a “whirlwind,” while another 47 percent say they are “happy but utterly exhausted.” So what do women miss the most when adjusting to life as a mother? Sleeping in, followed by uninterrupted nights with their partner. Being able to be spontaneous and change plans at the last minute came in third, while an uninterrupted conversation with a friend and being able to eat out stress-free completed the top five. Please feel free to add to this list.

Top 10 Things Moms Miss After Giving Birth

  1. Lying in bed if you are tired
  2. Uninterrupted nights in with partner
  3. Opportunity to change ideas and plans at the last minute
  4. Conversation with a friend without an interruption
  5. Eating out
  6. Night out with partner
  7. Going to the movies
  8. Late nights with friends
  9. Romantic escapes
  10. Shopping with friends