I really like your Magazine Mommy

Allow me to introduce you to my 5 year old son Aiden who for some odd reason has taken a liking to my Victoria’s Secret Magazines.

It started out as “I really like your Magazine Mommy” to asking and running to the mail box every day to see if I’ve gotten another one in the mail.

Not only that but if I do actually have one in the mail then he runs to his room, shuts the door and just hangs out studying over each page of the very HOT and attractive models.

I honestly have so many questions as to why, should I be worried, is it really that big of a deal, will he grow out of it and is this normal?  I have no idea what the answer is to any of these but as long as he keeps telling me that I could be in the VS magazines then I’m totally fine with it.

If you have any advice or thoughts on my sons new addiction please feel free to comment or email me at mandy@island106.com