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by Andrew Hodges posted Mar 24 2015 10:41AM
YESSSSSSSSSS FINALLY!!!!!! Have you been wondering when its okay to say "Happy Birthday" on Facebook? I personally hate bdays on facebook because its so impersonal but in the event you want to wish someone Happy Birthday here's the breakdown.

Birthday Etiquette tips for Facebook(BTW you're welcome)

A writer for "Time" magazine posted a list of birthday etiquette tips. It's basically a list of people in your life, and how you should wish them happy birthday. Check it out . . .

1. Your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. You should wish them a happy birthday in person, AT midnight. She specifically says to stay up until midnight so you're the first person to do it . . . which seems like overkill. The morning is fine too.

2. A brother or sister. You should STILL wait up until midnight, and then call or text them. Apparently this woman thinks everyone stays up until midnight all the time?

3. Close friends and family members. Say happy birthday over the phone, not on Facebook. Which is probably fair. You shouldn't just post "Happy birthday" on your mom's Facebook page and not call her.

4. Friends you've made in the past five years. You can get away with just a text message. But you still shouldn't JUST say happy birthday on Facebook.

5. People you ONLY talk to on Facebook. It's the only time it's okay to say happy birthday on Facebook and not send a text message too. (Which I just don't agree with. That's too many birthday texts.)

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